The Trail of Painted Ponies

by Rodney Barker


In 2001, Rodney Barker took a time out from writing books to mount The Trail of Painted Ponies, a Santa Fe, New Mexico-based public art project that invited artists to express their creativity on the canvas of life-size resin horse sculptures. So successful was the project that it evolved into a business, and two years later The Trail came out with a line of resin and ceramic figurines that would become one of the most popular collectibles in America. In addition to adding a dazzling chapter of the history of the horse in art, Barker assembled and published a series of books that photographically celebrated the amazing artwork, and became bestsellers in their own right.

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The Trail of Painted Ponies: Anniversary Edition is a lushly illustrated book that puts the remarkable achievements of The Trail of Painted Ponies into a historical perspective, beginning with a detailed account of America’s first horse painters: the Plains Indians. An interesting and enjoyable reading experience for horse and art lovers alike, it contains the pictures and stories of most Painted Pony figurines.

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Ride the Sky is the first inspirational book published by The Trail of Painted Ponies. Hard-cover, 100 pages in length, it features stunning photographs of 43 Painted Ponies, each paired with an inspiring quotation that captures the spirit of the artwork on the Pony.

American ArtParades is a gorgeous, hard-cover, coffee-table art book that beautifully and colorfully chronicles the larger-than-life public art exhibitions that have paraded across America in recent years. Cows in Chicago. Fish in Baltimore. Guitars in Nashville. Hearts in San Francisco. Party Animals (Elephants and Donkeys) in Washington, DC. Featuring more than one thousand photographs from 85 communities coast to coast. The first and only book to document this important chapter in American art history. Available exclusively and directly from the publisher.


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A Painted Ponies Christmas is a delightful and timeless Christmas confection that charmingly combines photographs of Holiday-themed Ponies with classic Christmas greetings, set against backgrounds drawn from classic holiday greeting cards.

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