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And the Waters Turned to Blood - Rodney Barker

And the Waters Turned to Blood

by Rodney Barker

“A harrowing, brisk account of a microscopic threat to our collective health and well-being… Compelling, vividly written.”


Chicago Tribune



“Read it to meet the American Ebola.”




“Like a detective story, Barker’s narrative unfolds with patience and purpose and focuses more on the human intrigues than on the arcana of science or the minutiae of government.”


The Philadelphia Inquirer

Dancing with the Devil

by Rodney Barker

“Taut, complex, and constantly surprising…

A tough tale, well told, that’s twice as much fun because it’s true.”


The Flint Journal


“Finally a book that reveals both sides of a major Cold War spy scandal. With a novelist’s touch, investigative reporter Rodney Barker tells how the misguided love of two lost souls from conflicting worlds rocks the superpowers and unleashes a political firestorm that tragically consumes them both. A wonderful piece of reporting.”


Pete Earley, Author of Family of Spies: Inside the John Walker Spy Ring

Dancing with the Devil - Rodney Barker
The Broken Circle - Rodney Barker

The Broken Circle

by Rodney Barker

“As gripping a true-crime book as you’re likely to read all year… Reads almost as if it had been written by Tony Hillerman.”


Chicago Sun-Times


“A chilling and haunting exploration of red and white relations in the contemporary West… With a well-balanced cultural sensitivity, Barker reveals the harsh details of daily life for Native Americans and introduces us to the mystical world of Navajo witchcraft.”


St. Louis Post-Dispatch


“Compelling, provocative, poignant… Barker’s courageous book should be read by anyone who seeks to understand the psyche of Indian America five centuries after Columbus. Researched with a skilled reporter’s meticulous craft, written with eloquence, jammed with insight, it is a tremendous accomplishment.”


The Arizona Republic

Hiroshima Maidens

by Rodney Barker

“A testament to the perseverance of a group of Americans and Japanese determined

to salvage some human value from the wreckage of Hiroshima.”


Cleveland Plain Dealer


“This book is controlled, fearsome, wonderful, appalling.”


Los Angeles Times


“Evokes a range of human emotions that has been lost in the dead vocabulary

of annihilation and deterrence.”


The New York Times


Hiroshima Maidens - Rodney Barker
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