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Native American Edition


The publishing world is changing fast, and for writers there are some interesting alternatives to penning books for mainstream publishers or self-publishing. The newly popular category of “adult coloring books,” with its meditative benefits, is one that Rod is exploring with the release of an adult coloring book that focuses on Native American imagery from The Trail of Painted Ponies

The Trail of Painted Ponies Adult Coloring Book:

Native American Edition 

is the first in a series of adult coloring books inspired by equine ethos and artistic expression. The Trail of Painted Ponies and Blue Star Coloring have come together to create twenty-six designs inspired by some of the most popular Painted Pony figurines rooted in Native American lore. Fifteen figurines are depicted through brilliantly detailed expressive designs. Each pony is presented within its historical legacy and brought to life through the interpretive lens of selected artists.

Horses have been the inspiration for artists since pigment was first applied to cave walls. This book celebrates the rich collaborative tradition of The Trail of Painted Ponies and encourages you, the colorist, to take part in this artful journey.

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