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Rodney Barker invites you to turn the pages and discover previously unwritten chapters in human history.  

And the Waters Turned to Blood - Rodney Barker
Dancing with the Devil - Rodney Barker
The Broken Circle - Rodney Barker
Hiroshima Maidens - Rodney Barker
Coming Soon Tequila Twilight - Rodney Barker

And the Waters Turned to Blood

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The Broken Circle

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Hiroshima Maidens

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Another Good Hunting Story

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Rodney Barker and The Trail of Painted Ponies

In 2001, Rodney Barker took a time out from writing books to mount The Trail of Painted Ponies, a Santa Fe, New Mexico-based public art project that invited artists to express their creativity on the canvas of life-size resin horse sculptures. So successful was the project that it evolved into a business, and two years later The Trail came out with a line of resin and ceramic figurines that would become one of the most popular collectibles in America. In addition to adding a dazzling chapter of the history of the horse in art, Barker assembled and published a series of books that photographically celebrated the amazing artwork, and became bestsellers in their own right. Learn More >

The Trail of Painted Ponies - Rodney Barker
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